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Once you have your garden design you will be ready for the installation phase. Some customers will book the entire installation and others will break it down into phases depending on their finances. Transformational projects typically start around £30,000 but can be significantly more depending on the size of the project and the number of assets in the design. It is important not to cut corners on your installation because any short-term savings could cost you more down the line in repairs. In some cases, it could even effect the value of your home. Our garden designers have hand-picked a selection of landscapers to help with your installation. 

Preparing the garden 

The first task for your installation team is to prepare the site. Using a mini-digger which requires 700mm side access to your garden they will begin excavating the site, removing any waste. For gardens with 16tn or more of waste, a grab lorry will be required. Waste normally consists of any existing grass, weeds, rubble and old boundary fences/walls. 


Marking up the design

When the site is clear your installers will mark up the site using spray paint and string guides to ensure straight lines and correct levels are achieved on your hardscaping. 

Installing hardscapes

Hardscaping elements such as paths, patios, or retaining walls will be installed when the site is clear and correctly marked up. Sub-bases using type two MOT for paths and patios will be installed and whacked using whacker plates to achieve solid foundations to lay on.  


Outdoor structures

Outdoor structures, like hardscapes, are fundamental to your design. They will need sub-bases and footings so need to be installed along with your hardscapes. An electrician may be required at this stage as well if you are having lights installed. 

Lawns, beds and aggregates

At this stage, your garden design should be taking shape. Now it is time to lay your lawn, prepare your planting areas and lay down weed suppressants in gravelled areas and under artificial lawns. 


Your garden will then be planted in line with your planting plan. Using plants which have been chosen because they will thrive in your area and in the conditions of your garden. Your installers will make sure to space them appropriately and plant them at the right depth.

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