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Garden surveys

Before we get started on your design it is important for your landscape designer to gather as much information about your garden as possible to prevent any bumps in the road down the line. A garden survey will be conducted by our garden design consultant, who will complete the following: 



We measure the length, width, and height of your garden, as well as the dimensions of any structures within it, such as a patio or pond. Using a combination of laser measuring technology and tape measures for accuracy.



Using CAD software we create a map of the garden's layout, including the location of any existing plants, trees, or hardscaping (such as walkways or walls). We also list the garden's features, such as a pond, a pool, an arbour, etc.

Existing plants


We make a note of the existing plants, including the species, approximate size, and location. This list is then backed up with pictures of the plants in their locations and added to the 2D plan. 

Soil and sun conditions


We record the soil and sun conditions: Observing soil conditions, such as its texture, drainage, and fertility. Also, take note of the sun conditions, including the amount of shade and sun exposure throughout the day.

Risk assessments

We identify any potential problems in the garden, such as drainage, disease, or pest issues and log these on your 2D plan for you. 


Through your design brief, we think about how the garden is used and by whom. We assess what the main purpose of the garden is and what activities it will be used for. This gives us a good starting point for creating a new design or making changes to an existing one.

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